Hair Transplant Costs in India

Since times immemorial, healthy and beautiful hair has been a matter of pride. Who doesn’t want a head full of hair for a lifetime?

However, with age and time, your crowning glory tends to lose its glitter. The good news is that you can now maintain your pride for a lifetime.

What's more, they are completely natural. Over the years, surgery has evolved commendably. Today's sophisticated surgery generates natural looking hair; successfully.

This surgery involves harvesting or 'grafting' of hair follicles from the back and sides of the head called 'Donor Site' and transplanting them in bald areas of the scalp called 'Recipient Site'. Once the transplantation is done, your hair grows continually. And, you can be assured of beautiful hair for a lifetime.

Hair transplantation costs in India vary, determined by a number of factors. Although the basic cost is the same, they may dwindle at times. This depends upon the number of being harvested and planted in the scalp as well as the clinic or hospital in which the surgery is being done and how critical the nature of the surgery is.

With over 75% of the market dominated by men, younger men as young as 23-24 years old, are increasingly looking at getting transplants done in India. World class procedures and competent packages at affordable Hair Transplantation costs in Indian clinics including Dr B Sugunakar Reddy's clinic, a good choice for internationally acclaimed services.

Hair Transplant Costs In Hyderabad

The reasonable Hair Transplant costs in Hyderabad make the city an ideal choice for the best Hair Transplant. In addition, most clinics in Hyderabad, including Dr B Sugunakar Reddy's clinic possess world class infrastructure and boast of the finest of surgical techniques.

If you are hunting for affordable and satisfactory solutions in Hyderabad, then you must pay a visit to Dr B Sugunakar Reddy's clinic. He is not only the best choice for surgery, but also the most cost-effective for the same in Hyderabad. We offers affordable hair transplant costs in Hyderabad


I am grateful to Dr. Sugunakar Reddy for helping me take a good decision of hair transplantation, by giving genuine advice and also making it a easy ride for me throughout the process from start... - Mr Sunil, Software consultant, New Jersey, U.S.A

I am working in Middle East for the past 12 years as an Anaesthesiologist. It was a long dream to have my hair back since I lost hair over my scalp in the previous several years. Once I made decision to undergo I did a lot of research and was...

- Dr.P.V.Rao, 00965 5591 7509

Dr. B Sugunakar Reddy, A Hair Transplant Surgeon in Hyderabad did a hair transplant on me in Aug 2013, implanted close to 1800 grafts in one sitting using FUT (strip) method. The results were extremely ... - Madhu Vanga, MBA, Rph California

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