Hair Transplantation

Across the years, a popular cosmetic procedure has become a permanent solution for Alopecia. Through a procedure called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) involves removal of individual hair follicles from the back of the head, called the 'Donor site' and transplanting them into balding areas known as the 'Recipient site'.

One of the leading names in Hyderabad is Dr B Sugunakar Reddy's clinic. It has some of the most experienced and talented surgeons, with immense expertise procedures and hair loss treatments. The relaxed setting, state-of-the-art FUE equipments, supplemented by cutting edge techniques and skills is bound to floor you.

The clinic has a team of surgical assistants who are well trained by Dr B Sugunakar Reddy in all aspects. Their primary motto is to ensure the patient’s comfort and satisfaction, throughout the session.

Dr B Sugunakar Reddy treats each treatment meticulously; taking into account the diverse hair loss patterns. Only then, he performs Hair Transplantation.

Cost Of Hair Transplant In Hyderabad

India has become the hub for people, wishing to avail the advantage of affordable solutions. The cost of Hair Transplant in Hyderabad is merely one-third (1/3 rd) of what it is in the US, UK, Singapore, UAE and Europe, etc. Furthermore, India and Hyderabad offer many world class hospitals with skilled plastic surgeons or trichologists.

The economical cost makes Hyderabad one of the most preferred destinations for Hair Transplant Medical Tourism. In USA and European countries, a surgery costs anywhere between 5000 to 9000 US Dollars, where as the cost of Hair Transplant in Hyderabad and India, starts from around Rs. 40000*/-, which is less than 650 US Dollars.

The impeccable credentials and track record of Dr B Sugunakar Reddy's clinic makes it an ideal choice in India. With sophisticated facilities housed in a state-of-the-art clinic, Dr B Sugunakar Reddy's clinic is well-positioned to offer cutting edge techniques and skills. The Clinic uses the latest technology including computerized imaging and hair scan to educate patients about the benefits derived from it.


I am grateful to Dr. Sugunakar Reddy for helping me take a good decision of hair transplantation, by giving genuine advice and also making it a easy ride for me throughout the process from start... - Mr Sunil, Software consultant, New Jersey, U.S.A

I am working in Middle East for the past 12 years as an Anaesthesiologist. It was a long dream to have my hair back since I lost hair over my scalp in the previous several years. Once I made decision to undergo I did a lot of research and was...

- Dr.P.V.Rao, 00965 5591 7509

Dr. B Sugunakar Reddy, A Hair Transplant Surgeon in Hyderabad did a hair transplant on me in Aug 2013, implanted close to 1800 grafts in one sitting using FUT (strip) method. The results were extremely ... - Madhu Vanga, MBA, Rph California

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